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Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Ellington Agricultural Center
440 Hogan Road
Nashville, TN 37220
(615) 781-6500
SWAP Planning Team

Tennessee State Wildlife Action Plan Planning Team

Core Planning Team

Bill Reeves, Chief of Biodiversity, Bill.Reeves@tn.gov - Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Lead
Sally Palmer, Director of Science, The Nature Conservancy spalmer@tnc.org - Project Coordinator

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Rob Colvin, Wildlife Diversity Coordinator, Region 1
Jeremy Dennison Wildlife Diversity Biologist, Region 1
Josh Campbell, Wildlife Diversity Coordinator, Region 2
Dustin Thames, Wildlife Diversity Biologist, Region 2
Terry Hopkins, former Wildlife Diversity Biologist, Region 2
Chris Simpson, Wildlife Diversity Coordinator, Region 3
Daniel Istvanko, Wildlife Diversity Biologist, Region 3
Scott Dykes, Wildlife Diversity Coordinator, Region 4
Chris S. Ogle, Wildlife Diversity Biologist, Region 4
Bart Carter, Region 4 Fisheries Program Manager,
Brian Flock, State Mammologist and Herpetologist
Pandy English, Statewide In-stream Flow Coordinator
Jason Henegar, Statewide Rivers and Streams Coordinator
Scott Somershoe, former State Ornithologist
Jeanette Jones, GIS Analyst
Chelsea Broach, GIS Analyst
Susan Lanier, Wildlife Biologist, Region 3

The Nature Conservancy

Joseph P. Wisby, GIS Manager, The Nature Conservancy


Patty Glick, National Wildlife Federation (Climate Smart Conservation)
Lindsay Gardner, Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (Public outreach support)
Gregg Elliott, K Gregg Consulting (Technical writer, design, and layout)

Scientific and Species Review Experts

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency experts
Rick Bivens
Michael Clark
Jim Habera
Don Hubbs
John Mayer
Jim Pipas
David Sims
Carl Williams

Partner Organization experts
Steve Ahlstedt, USGS retired
Dr. Fred Alsop, East Tennessee State University
Dr. Katie Benson, Lincoln Memorial University
Dr. Tom Blanchard, University of Tennessee-Martin
Dr. Chris Brown, Tennessee Technological University
Dr. Brian Butterfield, Freed Hardeman University
Dr. Danny Bryan, Cumberland University
Dr. Ron Caldwell, Lincoln Memorial University
Dr. Brian Carver, Tennessee Technological University
Todd Crabtree, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation-Natural Areas
Dr. Kristen Cecala, University of the South
Dr. Vince Cobb, Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. Dan Combs, Tennessee Technological University
Dr. Michael Freake, Lee University
Dr. Chris Gienger, Austin Peay State University
Dr. Steve Hamilton, Austin Peay State University
Andrew Henderson, Tennessee Valley Authority
Cory Holliday, The Nature Conservancy
Dr. Jim Layzer, Tennessee Technological University
David Lincicome, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation-Natural Areas
Dave Matthews, Tennessee Valley Authority
Dale McGinnity, Nashville Zoo
Dr. Brian Miller, Middle Tennessee State University
Kendall Moles, Tennessee Technological University
Dr. John Niedzwiecki, Belmont University
Dr. Matthew Niemiller, Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois
Ed Scott, Tennessee Valley Authority retired
Dr. Floyd Scott, Austin Peay State University
Dr. Donald Sudbrink, Austin Peay State University
Roger Thoma, Midwest Biodiversity Institute
Dr. Emma Wilcox, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
David Withers, TN Natural Heritage Inventory Program
Dr. Kirk Zigler, University of the South
Rick Bivens
Michael Clark
Jim Habera
Don Hubbs
John Mayer
Jim Pipas
David Sims
Carl Williams

Conservation Partners: Government Agencies

Arnold Air Force Base
John Lamb
Ft. Campbell Military Installation
Amie Lehman
Brad Wheat
Gene Zirkle
Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization
Wesley Rhodes
National Park Service
Niki Stephanie Nichols
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Andrea Bishop, Natural Areas
Todd Crabtree, Natural Areas
David Lincicome, Natural Areas
Roger McCoy, Natural Areas
Stephanie Williams, Natural Areas
David Withers, Natural Areas
Stuart Carroll, State Parks
Mark Taylor, State Parks
Caitlin Elam, Water Resources
Tennessee Valley Authority
Evan Crews
Andrew Henderson
Dave Matthews
Shannon O'Quinn
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Greg Wathen, representing Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks Landscape Conservation Cooperative
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Kim Franklin
Tim Higgs
Tadd Potter
U.S. Department of Agricultural-Natural Resources Conservation Service
Carol Chandler
Frank Sagona
Matt Walker
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Geoff Call
Stephanie Chance
Emily Granstaff, representing Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership
Mary Jennings
Peggy Shute
Bryan Watkins
U.S. Forest Service
Mary Miller

Conservation Partners:
Non-Governmental Organizations and Academic Institutions

Clinch-Powell Resource Conservation & Development Council (RC&D)
Ronald Lambert, The Nature Conservancy/Clinch-Powell
Steve Roark
Conservation Fisheries, Inc.
Pat Rakes
Cumberland Region Tomorrow
Bridget Jones
Knoxville Zoological Gardens
Phil Colclough
Michael Ogle
Middle Tennessee State University
Kim Sadler, Dept. of Biology, Center For Cedar Glade Studies
Cindi Smith-Walters, Center For Environmental Education
Nashville Zoo
Dale McGinnity
Open Space Institute
David Ray
Shortleaf Pine Initiative
Mike Black, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
Clarence Coffey
Southeast Missouri State University
Jon Davenport
Southern Environmental Law Center
Annie Passino
Tennessee Aquarium
Josh Ennen
Anna George
Bernie Kuhajda
Tennessee Clean Water Network
Stephanie Durman
Tennessee Ornithological Society
Cynthia Routledge, Middle Tennessee Chapter
Dr. Steve Routledge, Middle Tennessee Chapter
Melinda Welton
Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation
Jenessa Casey
Christie Peterson
Tennessee Wildlife Federation
Chris Roberts
The Land Trust for Tennessee
Joel Houser
Emily Parish
Trout Unlimited
Rick Murphree
Walden's Puddle Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Bettina Bowers
Wolf River Conservancy
Ryan Hall

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